We are very glad to announce that our outlet JUICE LOUNGE has arrived in your city, Haridwar.

The first Juice Lounge Bar was opened in 2005 and the chain since then has been running successfully in over 60+ cities, both India and Abroad.

Inaugurated on 13th August, 2017.

So guys make your way for our unique venture Juice Lounge that offers a wide range of products and supplemented juices made with fresh ingredients exclusively live in front of people and also serves variety of food.

Juice Lounge  founder and partner Manav Shital says,” Now people in general are very health conscious, and there is a strong demand for natural and delicious alternatives to fast food.”

Aman Atri out of his interest in health and fitness have taken franchise for Haridwar,  as they feel and say, “At Juice Lounge , Jwalapur, we are offering not just food and beverages but a  total dining experience with host of value for money mouth-watering continental dishes, wide variety of fresh juices, boosters & shakes and in cool and relaxing ambiance. We firmly believe that a person’s diet is his bank account & good food choices are his good investments and Juice Lounge offerings justify this.”

Juice Lounge Bar products contain zero preservatives, zero artificial flavours or colours and are up to 99 % fat free.