Super Boosters

Super boosters

Super boosters are formulated for sports people in achieving specific nutritional or performance goals.

Please Note: Super Boosters are not suitable for the children under 15 years of age and pregnant women.

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Product Description

Body Builder Shake (Apple + Pineapple+ Banana + Energy Explosion Blend)

Brain Storm Shake (Carrot + Tomato + Pomegranate + Broccoli + Brain enhance Blend)

Calcium Forfeited Shake (Orange + Banana + Grapes + Calcium Blend)

Stress Buster Shake (Sweet Lime + Apple + Immune System Blend)

Mega Mass Shake (Milk + Banana+ Chocolate + Weight Gainer Blend)

Lean Body Shake (Apple+ Pineapple + Watermelon+ Fat Burner Blend)

Whey Protein Shake (Apple+Milk + Banana+ Protein Blend)

Max Nutrition Shake(Apple + Orange+ Kiwi+ Banana+ Vitamin Blend)

Product Features

Size Regular, Medium & large