Low Fat Smoothies

Low Fat Smoothies

These shakes have low fat yogurt for all the health conscious people

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Product Description

Rumble Smoothie (Pineapple + Banana + Low Fat Yogurt)

Black Sea Smoothie (Grapes + Banana + Honey + Low Fat Yogurt)

Exotica Smoothie (Mango + Strawberry + Orange + Honey + Low Fat Yogurt)

Enigma Smoothie (Pineapple + Strawberry + Banana + Apple + Low Fat Yogurt)

Cocoa Banana Smoothie (Banana + Choco + chocolate syrup +Low Fat Yogurt)

Grand Slam Smoothie (Strawberry + Orange+ Banana + Vanilla+ Low Fat Yogurt)

Mango Tango Smoothie (Mango + Orange+ Low Fat Yogurt)

Product Features

Size Regular, Medium & large