As far as juice bars go, ‘JUICE LOUNGE’ is unique!

At ‘Juice Lounge’, you get food suited to your lifestyle. Quality is guaranteed.

The History of ‘Juice Lounge’

‘Juice Lounge’ – a unique Health & Juice Bar was co-founded by Manav Shital & Niti Agrawal in 2005. It quickly transformed itself from being a team of 5 employees to an organisation with a workforce of more than 200 employees. The remarkable journey of ‘Juice Lounge’ becoming a multinational brand with presence in over 6+ countries is due to its value system, franchise partners and millions of loyal consumers. Today, brand is rapidly expanding its operation in India and Internationally.

About Black Orchids Pvt. Ltd.

Black Orchids private limited, commenced its operation in Mumbai. Thanks to the positive outlook, hard work and unlimited passion of workforce it fast expanded the orbit covering 60+ major cities in India and 6+ international destinations. Black orchids has come a long way from its humble beginning to now a dominating player in the QSR- Food & Beverage industry with chain of brands namely- ‘Juice Lounge’, ‘Rollacosta’ ,‘Chaat Ok Please’ and ‘Vada Box’. The company’s expansion map has an aggressive strategic roll out plan, which aims to initiate many more brands.

Our Values

Quality. Service. Trust. Integrity.

Facts About Us:

Annually we sell over a Million Juices & smoothies
We use Grade-A fruits and vegetables
We are the only Juice bar to be present in 4 countries and over 25 cities in India.

Juice Lounge Vision

To be known for winning combination of fresh fruit, blended and squeezed into delicious smoothies and juices

Our Mission is to

  • To offer fresh and delicious food to our customers along with a fun-filled eating experience.

  • To provide a safe, clean and enjoyable ambience for guests

  • To ensure best customer experience at the outlets