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‘Juice Lounge’ – a unique Health & Juice Bar was co-founded by Manav Shital & Niti Agrawal in 2005. It quickly transformed itself from being a team of 5 employees to an organisation with a workforce of more than 200 employees. The remarkable journey of ‘Juice Lounge’ becoming a multinational brand with presence in over 6+ countries is due to its value system, franchise partners and millions of loyal consumers. Today, brand is rapidly expanding its operation in India and Internationally.

Juice Lounge! Which promise to provide the most hygienic and fresh juices to their customers. If you are health conscious and looking up for refreshing drink then you can consider Juice Lounge. We do not add any preservative in our Product and we use fresh and real ingredient .Juice Lounge was founded in 2005 in Mumbai, India


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Whenever I want to replenish my vitamin levels, I come here for some juice. The taste is really good. Worth each penny!


This place runs on the concept of health cafe and other than just being a juice shop they also serve some really nice sandwiches. Place is clean and looks like they can serve healthy juices, The best part is their mixer/juicer is in very front of shop so one can easily see the juice in making.

Aditya Rahmaniac

The juices which they provide are very refreshing. It offers healthy food like sandwiches, fruit juices etc. Other than normal traditional juices, they also serve whey protein shakes, energizer and health smoothies. The food is clean and Hygienic and perfect for small evening snack.

Santosh Akella

The juice menu is mesmerizing, for all the Juice lovers this is “the place” you have been hunting all your life! Also This is the perfect place you can hit post your gym!

Krisha Badani

I am much thankful for the existence of places like these. It helps calorie conscious people like us look forward to something when we are stranded and still want to stick to our diet.

Bhushan Sarafdar

This place is very decent for delicious food and equally good quality juices. The menu has lot of variety of juices and shakes. Go for it if must try if you are in the neighbourhood.

Palak Jha

Juices so fresh, you’d probably feel you’re drinking your fruit. On a casual outing, we decided to drink some juice for re hydration and got Pomegranate and Sweet lime juice. Sweet lime was one of the best I have ever had.

Anant Chowdhary

Wanted to have something refreshing and non-aerated so picked up the ‘Energizer’ and ‘Very Berry’ here. I was pleasantly surprised. Both of them were very unusual to taste and both were very nice. Would definitely love to visit them again!

Reema Sehgal

They have a large variety of juices! Not only they were healthy but also very tasty! would definitely recommend everyone to try once!

Swapnil Haldankar

I tried Exotica Smoothie and Pasta Alfredo, great taste great quantity great service! it was a great experience overall. Excited to try new dishes next time!

Shaalu Trehan

Combination of Health and Taste, What else can we ask for! Really impressed by the Quality of food, drinks and service.

Reena More